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From cryogenic temperatures up to 1000°C

Thermocoax heating cables consist of one or two straight current-carrying cores in a flexible metal sheath, electrically insulated from one another and from the sheath by means of a highly compacted refractory powder.

Thermocoax developed a special cold-end construction to cope with the problems of high heat density dissipation. These ends can be fitted with connectors.

Thermocoax heating cables offer a continuous sheath without joints or with a flush contour around the hot/cold transitions.

By combining small diameter and hard-packed insulation, our heating cables can take on virtually any shape without deterioration of either the insulation or the sheath.

Our thermal solutions can be used in air, under vacuum or high pressure and in most corrosive environments, depending on the sheath material.

To improve heat contact and thus heat transfer, the cable can be deformed, brazed or welded into its optimum position.

Easy fitting

  • Minimum bending radius: 3 x OD
  • Thermocoax heating cables can be attached directly to metal parts
  • The heat can be generated exactly where it is required, thus power losses are reduced, as is power consumption.
  • Excellent heat exchange: the heater can be brazed onto any metal piece

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The THERMOCOAX IR welding solution is chosen by automotive suppliers because they need to weld without introducing polluting particles into the weld bead (due to PA66 35% GF), a process which could modify the properties of the material and possibly pollute the future content of the welded element (conformity to the Euro 6 standard).

The infrared sources can weld complex plastic shapes (2D & 3D) without contact and the weld bead offers a high bursting strength.

THERMOCOAX designs IR sources using Thermocoax’s mineral insulated cable technology. They can be easily implemented in a production line, and are accurate and reliable over time.

The infrared sources (heating elements at a temperature of 850°C) are placed a few millimetres from the 2 elements to be welded. When the welding zones reach their melting temperature, the IR source is removed. The two parts are then pressed against each other to complete the weld.

Advantages of the Thermocoax IR sources heating elements:

  • Ability to follow complex 2D & 3D forms
  • The Thermocoax IR sources’ emission wavelengths perfectly match the major plastic absorption wavelength range.
  • Welding materials acceptable: thermoplastics, polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, composite reinforced plastics, polyamides, etc.
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Fast temperature ramp-up
  • Electrically insulated, low current leakage
  • Low maintenance required
  • Long lifetimes on production line


The technology in our Thermocoax mineral insulated cables allows us to design and offer thermal solutions with complex designs due to the construction of our heating cables, which are available with small diameters for the analysis industry.

We offer high-density heating solutions that can be integrated into cramped environments thanks to the small bending radius allowed with our heating cables, the long lengths available and the special THERMOCOAX cold end construction.

Our heating transfer lines and nozzle heaters are integrated in the major mass spectrometers on the market.

We design and manufacture customised thermal solutions such as:

  • Transfer line heaters for gas or liquid
  • Flexible heated hoses
  • Heating adsorption traps
  • Nozzle heaters – Desolvation nozzles
  • Filter heaters for bioreactors
  • Ion source heaters
  • Probe heater assemblies
  • Infrared sources for food analysis
  • Silicon heating mat jackets
  • Self-healing silicon jackets
  • Customised heating solutions

THERMOCOAX has acquired a great deal of skill and expertise from major customers around the world in many analysis applications, such as:

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Gas chromatography
  • Moisture sorption analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • CHNO analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Food analysis
  • Bioreactors


THERMOCOAX manufacturing processes and quality insurance plans allow us to be in line with the demands of the automotive industry.


To meet the clean welding standard for thermoplastic tanks in the automotive industry, THERMOCOAX developed special infrared sources.

Due to the constant improvement of our products, the THERMOCOAX infrared sources offer long lifetimes on production lines and high homogeneity for 2D and 3D non-contact clean welding processes.

Thermocoax infrared sources have been specifically designed to respond to the demanding manufacturing processes of automotive suppliers.

The main THERMOCOAX applications for the automotive industry:

  • IR clean welding solutions
  • Temperature sensors for exhaust gas
  • Brake thermocouples
  • Temperature control of catalytic converters
  • Flexible heated hoses for glue dispensers
  • Silicon heating mats and electrical heating cables for passenger comfort

Our mineral insulated cables, thermocouples and ISOPAD heating solutions are produced with constant attention to performance, safety, efficiency and the reduction of heavy particle emissions.

Thermocoax can also provide solutions for engine efficiency and passenger comfort.