Our Business Developer presents Thermocoax Industry

How is Thermocoax involved in the Industrial market? What are the advantages of working with Thermocoax?  Take a listen or read the responses of Nathalie Delattre, our Business Developer. 


THERMOCOAX is a key supplier of mass spectrometer manufacturers while supplying special heating nozzles, heating transfer lines, and special probe/heater assemblies.

 We are also a leader in infrared thermoplastic welding, offering a clean solution with high corrosion resistance for the automotive industry.

 With more than 60 years of experience in the nuclear and aeronautic industries, THERMOCOAX has set up a dedicated team for the premium industrial market and we have great development ambitions in the automotive, foundry, petrochemical and subsea sectors, as well as in analysis, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with real success stories in the last 10 years.