Transfer Line Heaters and Nozzle Heaters

Thermocoax manufactures customised transfer line heaters and nozzle heaters with a small footprint and high power density.

In molecular analysis systems, whether chemical, hydrocarbon or food, temperature-critical liquids or gases must be transported from source to destination along a transfer line where temperature density and homogeneity is very important.

These analysis sectors also requires solutions to key issues, such as lower thermal masses to avoid data loss, accurate temperature measurement, faster temperature ramp rate, and optimal thermal profiling.

Thermocoax is an experienced partner in addressing these issues. We manufacture transfer line heaters as well as nozzle heaters in small sizes, where required, and high power density that ensure the quality, stability and optimal parameters for mass spectrometers and other analytical systems.

Customised Heaters for Analytical Processes

Thermocoax transfer line heaters and nozzle heaters are designed for integration in analysis systems in the medical and food industry, among others. At the client’s request we can also integrated thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors.

Our range of heating products includes desolvation heaters for use in spectrometers and trap heaters manufactured specifically for analysis.

  • GC/LC
  • Molecular analysis
  • Thermal analysis & elemental analysis
  • Petrochemical and food analysis.

True Cold End Design

Our transfer line heaters are composed of a heating element that is mounted on the true cold end. The small diameter heating cables are then wrapped along the stainless-steel tube, delivering different and high power densities. All of this whilst maintaining maximum homogenous temperatures along the entire length.  Fast temperature ramp-up, critical for our clients, is also an essential feature of our transfer line heaters.

  • Standard working temperatures from 200°C to 850°C
  • Optimal thermal profiling
  • Workable with low voltage 24VDC

Thanks to our proprietary mineral insulated cabling, the heating cable can be designed for any shape without deteriorating under working conditions.

A Leading Name in Heating Solutions

Thermocoax has an outstanding reputation in the design and manufacture of heating solutions. We supply a wide range of industry with customised products that meet the highest industry standards.

Heaters Solutions : Technical Data

  • Fully customised design
  • Thermocouple/RTD integrated for regulation
  • Full quality assurance and control

For more detailed specifications and information about our transfer line heaters and nozzle heaters, please do not hesitate to request a quote.