Electrical Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporizers for Aseptic Processes

Thermocoax is your expert partner in designing, customising and manufacturing H202 vaporizers for aseptic filling machines.

The food packaging industry, among others, requires aseptic conditions for filling processes. Thermocoax is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen peroxide vaporizers designed for ‘dry’ sterilisation processes.

Our standard H202 vaporizer solutions are equipped with either one or two heating zones. However, at the client’s request, we are able to customise our ‘ovens’ according to the thermal power and distribution required.

Sterilisation Tools for Food Packaging and Filling Machines

Thermocoax has developed a hydrogen peroxide vaporizer that is tested and trusted by aseptic filling machine manufacturers. Our H202 electrical vaporizers are also sold directly as spares.

For custom specifications, our performance, innovation and engineering team is happy to sit down with our client and design a vaporizer according to their manufacturing needs.

Dry Sterilisation Method

Our stainless-steel vaporizers are designed for use in ‘dry’ sterilisation processes, whereby the containers are sprayed on the inside and outside with a fine hydrogen peroxide mist.

Our easy maintenance electrical vaporizers operate in extreme media, including corrosive, acidic and chemical environments.  The heating element in the ‘oven’ has a cold end construction with safety thermocouples for each zone.

Proprietary Solutions for Aseptic Processes

There is a good reason why our technology is deployed worldwide by aseptic filling machine manufacturers. The heaters in our H202-based aseptic vaporizers are equipped with proprietary mineral insulated cabling and cold-end elements. They are also vacuum-brazed and designed to comply with water tide IP54 ratings.

H202 Vaporizers : Technical data

  • Heating zones: 3 kW, 6 kW/230 V or 6 kW/400 V as standard
  • Temperature range: up to 500 degrees C or higher on request
  • Reduced response time

For more detailed specifications and information about our H202 electrical vaporizers, please do not hesitate to request a quote.