Metallurgy and Glass Applications

Thermocoax provides various thermal solutions for the metal and glass industry.

From immersion heaters to calibrated thermocouples, Thermocoax is a partner for industrial heating solutions in glass and metallurgy, including titanium and magnesium applications.

Heating plates for Aluminium forging

Our large conductive heating plates are particularly suitable for processes in which aluminium parts are shaped. Thermocoax offers total systems with electrical regulation that offers long-life guarantees for our heating solutions. These plates are used for hot forging processes and in the glass industry.

Ovens for the Glass & Metal Industry

Thermocoax designs and manufactures 3D ovens for the glass and metal industry.

Immersion Heaters for High-Purity Aluminium Foundries

Our engineers have designed immersion heaters to meet the very demanding specifications of high purity aluminium foundries. Thermocoax can guarantee a very high level of heat homogeneity and optimal safety in the area of electrical insulation.

High-end Calibrated Thermocouples

Thermocoax offers a wide range of Class 1 thermocouples that are able to measure the temperature in heat furnaces in real time. These values are key in the metal and glass industry for demonstrating the quality and validity of the heat process.

Meeting the Demands of Metal Foundries

Our R&D engineers design thermal solutions that guarantee an exceptional level of homogeneity when it comes to heat distribution.

Our glass and foundries industries range of solutions

For further information about our thermal solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.