Heating Solutions for Industrial Applications

Thermocoax manufactures cables for heating solutions, in a flexible metal sheath for use in adverse environments and extreme temperatures.

Thermocoax manufactures the cables that are used in our full-assembly thermal solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our heating solutions make use of Thermocoax proprietary mineral insulated cabling for high mechanical strength and reliability under extreme conditions. The combination of a small diameter and hard-packed insulation means that our heating cables can assume almost any shape without damage to the insulation or sheath.

From High Temperature to Cryogenic

Our thermal solutions are suitable for use in air, under vacuum or under high pressure and in most corrosive environments. The choice of sheath material determines the specific use of the heating cable.

Heating systems include heating cartridges for 3D printers, desolvation heaters, trap heaters, radiative heating plates, fully encapsulated solutions for vacuum deposition applications, and heating plates for aluminium hot-forging.

Thermocoax heating cables can also be integrated in cryogenic applications because they can withstand significant temperature gradients and deliver high thermal power.

Straight cores in a Flexible Sheath

By means of a highly compacted refractory powder, the two cores within Thermocoax dual heating cables are kept electrically insulated and apart from each other. This means they can be fully immersed in water or in corrosive liquids, for example.

Thermocoax has developed cold end technology to deal with the problem of high heat density dissipation. These cold ends can be fitted with connectors according to the industrial application.

Our heating cables can be brazed and welded. Furthermore, we customise designs for our clients and offer prototyping services.

Heating solutions : Technical data

  • No joints along sheath
  • Flush contour around hot/cold transitions
  • Minimum bending radius: 3 x OD
  • Can be welded/brazed into position = excellent heat exchange
  • Heat where required = minimal power consumption

For more detailed specifications and information about our heating solutions, please do not hesitate to request a quote.