Customised High-End Thermal Solutions

Thermocoax has six decades of experience in providing innovative and customised thermal solutions for all your manufacturing processes.

Our dedicated engineering department works with the client to provide customised high-quality thermal solutions. The collaboration extends from consultation through design to the prototyping phase until you are satisfied.

Thermocoax has the in-house capacity to manufacture total systems. Integrating components made of any type of metal. We weld, braze and shape total solutions.

We design and manufacture radiative or conductive heating plates for PEEK welding and hot forging. And our products also include applications for use under vacuum.

R&D Expertise for Every Client

Thermocoax has a research and development team that custom designs and develops thermal solutions for its clients.

  • Design and development of new products and processes
  • Design and development of specialist equipment
  • Material and equipment integration for testing
  • 3D design development

Total Engineering Capabilities

Our highly expert and experienced engineering team has the capacity to offer total solutions in all areas of modelling and manufacturing.

  • Mechanical development, internal machining
  • Operating performance analysis
  • Thermal and mechanical modelling
  • Design dimensioning

Flexible Production Processes

The production processes at Thermocoax are varied and flexible and include the following:

  • CNC machining
  • Micro-engineering and assembly
  • Laser, plasma and TIG welding
  • Brazing: torch, under vacuum

Quality Assurance at Our Core

Thermocoax has been designing and developing thermal solutions for more than six decades. Quality control and assurance has always been at the heart of our operations.

This includes full traceablility of semi-finished materials and manufactured products to subcontractor assessment and internal and external audits.

For more detailed specifications and information about our customisation and innovation for thermal solutions, please don’t hesitate to request a quote.