Transport Industry Applications

Thermocoax offers innovative solutions for IR clean welding, brake thermocouples, and heating systems for shaping composites.

Thermocoax is a big name in the manufacture of applications for the automotive sector in particular, and also the railway industry.

Automotive Industry

Clean welding solutions are very much in demand among automotive suppliers. Thermocoax manufactures infrared sources that have been specially designed in response to the demand for contactless and clean welding of thermoplastics.

Thermocoax IR clean welding solutions are available for 2D and 3D welding, for example, in thermoplastic tanks. They are mounted on the production line, in robots, and meet the tough industry standards required by automotive manufacturers.

Advantage of our IR welding sources

The advantage of Thermocoax IR welding sources is that only the heater needs to be dismounted and replaced for maintenance procedures on production lines. Furthermore, due to the protective shield around the heaters, the IR source is protected from corrosion due to off-gases and liquid plastic resulting from the welding process.

Our continuous improvement practices mean that Thermocoax IR sources have a long lifetime and provide a high level of homogeneity in the welding process.

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Railway Industry

Thermocoax has a number of solutions for the railway sector that are compact and can withstand extreme variations in temperature.

We offer heating systems for shaping composite elements, including solutions for moulding windscreens. Other Thermocoax applications for rail also include temperature sensors for brakes and onboard heating systems.

Our proprietary cabling technology is also used in designs for multi-zone heaters and cylindrical heaters. These solutions can be customised to meet the client’s specific needs.

Our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of mineral insulated cabling that make our solutions reliable over the long term. All Thermocoax products are subjected to the strictest industry testing and standards. And all our raw materials are 100% traceable.

Our transport industries range of solutions

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