The technology in our Thermocoax mineral insulated cables allows us to design and offer thermal solutions with complex designs due to the construction of our heating cables, which are available with small diameters for the analysis industry.

We offer high-density heating solutions that can be integrated into cramped environments thanks to the small bending radius allowed with our heating cables, the long lengths available and the special THERMOCOAX cold end construction.

Our heating transfer lines and nozzle heaters are integrated in the major mass spectrometers on the market.

We design and manufacture customised thermal solutions such as:

  • Transfer line heaters for gas or liquid
  • Flexible heated hoses
  • Heating adsorption traps
  • Nozzle heaters – Desolvation nozzles
  • Filter heaters for bioreactors
  • Ion source heaters
  • Probe heater assemblies
  • Infrared sources for food analysis
  • Silicon heating mat jackets
  • Self-healing silicon jackets
  • Customised heating solutions

THERMOCOAX has acquired a great deal of skill and expertise from major customers around the world in many analysis applications, such as:

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Gas chromatography
  • Moisture sorption analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • CHNO analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Food analysis
  • Bioreactors