Petrochemical Industry Applications

With its low maintenance heaters, sensors, transmission cables and connectors, Thermocoax meets the first-line needs of the petrochemical industry.

Thermocoax designs and manufactures specific sensors and heating solutions for deep-sea operations, on boats, in petrochemical factories, offshore hydrocarbon extraction platforms, and testing systems.

Our products are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of temperature and pressure familiar in this industry. Thermocoax solutions address a wide range of needs, from specialist sensors, through signal transmission cables, thermocouples and RTD. All contributing to efficiency and safety in the petrochemical industry.

Deep-Sea Operations

For the purpose of deep-sea applications, we have all the practical capabilities in the area of probes to ensure absolute water-tightness of our thermal solutions. This impermeability is tested internally by our engineering teams.

Our heating systems are of course designed to operate under very high pressure as well as extreme gradients of temperature. Special alloys are also used to guarantee greater resilience to corrosion.

Petrochemical Analysis

We offer heating systems for the analysis of hydrocarbons, as well as temperature sensors : thermocouples, RTD & specific solutions :

  • Multipoint sensors
  • Hotpoint detectors
  • Subsea sensors

Our solutions use mineral insulating cable that requires no maintenance and is long-lasting.

Meeting High Industry Standards

Thermocoax thermal solutions for the petrochemical industry combine efficiency and safety. Our team possesses specialist capacity and knowhow in the area of design, brazing, welding and machining of different material and specific alloys. All with a view to meeting our own and our clients’ high demands.

Our petrochemical industries range of solutions :

For more information about our applications for the petrochemical industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.