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THERMOCOAX manufactures rigid and flexible customised transfer line heaters for gas and liquids and heating nozzles to be integrated in analysis systems.

The small diameter of our heating cables allows us to design high density small heaters with fast temperature ramp-up and high homogeneity.

 When building a transfer line mounted between a gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometer, the heating element is mounted on the true cold end heater element and can be wrapped 2 wires in hand with a different pitch in order to ensure an homogeneous temperature all along the tube.

 Building of a transfer line mounted between a gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometer. The heating element is mounted on a The True Cold End heater element can be wrapped 2 wires in hands with a different pitch in order to ensure a homogeneous temperature all THERMOCOAX MI cable tight bending radius x3OD or lower allows to make the prototype matching exactly the theral profile modeling.


  • Stainless steel tube, vacuum brazed heaters with varying distribution to obtain temperature uniformity +/- 2°C along the full length
  • Hard-packed MI cable insulation allows the cable to be given virtually any shape without deterioration under working conditions
  • Thermocouple/RTD integrated for regulation
  • Manufacturing process fully controlled: traceability, subcontractor assessment, internal and external audits, regulation compliance
  • Standard working temperatures from 200°C to 850°C
  • Fully customised design for both THERMOCOAX ISOPAD heated hoses and THERMOCOAX transfer lines
  • Heater suitable to work with a low voltage 24VDC

With compact custom heating systems with integrated thermocouples and RTD, Thermocoax helps to solve key issues faced by the analytical industry today:

  • Lower thermal masses to avoid data loss
  •  Accurate temperature measurement
  • Faster temperature ramping
  • Smaller diameter heater for optimal thermal profiling


Separation GC/LC – Molecular analysis MS – Thermal analysis – Elemental analysis CHNOS


Thermocoax offers a wide range of customised thermal solutions for vacuum applications for solar, semiconductor and industrial deposition processes, display and touch panel manufacturing processes, OLED, analysis and cryogenic applications.

Accuracy, stability and reliability

All our customised thermal solutions integrate the mineral insulated cable heaters and thermocouples manufactured in our factories.

All our thermal solutions are controlled internally using extremely precise control procedures to meet the very demanding specifications of the industries using vacuum processes.

THERMOCOAX customised electrical heating solutions are used in different vacuum applications, such as:

  • Sputtering
  • Lithography
  • Ion implant
  • CVD
  • ALD
  • Patterning
  • Removing and doping
  • Bake out
  • Heat tracing


We offer customised electrical thermal solutions used in the main vacuum-related industrial processes:

  • Radiative heating plates and 3D designs
  • Conductive heating plates up to 1000°C
  • Heating chucks
  • Multi-zone heaters
  • Ion sources – Vaporisers
  • Valve heaters
  • 2D and 3D shaped heating cables
  • Coil heating plates
  • Ultra-high vacuum substrate heaters
  • Rod heaters
  • Silicon & glass silk jackets and cables
  • Silicon gas line heaters

The THERMOCOAX manufacturing process is fully controlled: traceability, subcontractor assessment, internal and external audits, regulatory compliance.

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