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From cryogenic temperatures up to 1000°C

Thermocoax heating cables consist of one or two straight current-carrying cores in a flexible metal sheath, electrically insulated from one another and from the sheath by means of a highly compacted refractory powder.

Thermocoax developed a special cold-end construction to cope with the problems of high heat density dissipation. These ends can be fitted with connectors.

Thermocoax heating cables offer a continuous sheath without joints or with a flush contour around the hot/cold transitions.

By combining small diameter and hard-packed insulation, our heating cables can take on virtually any shape without deterioration of either the insulation or the sheath.

Our thermal solutions can be used in air, under vacuum or high pressure and in most corrosive environments, depending on the sheath material.

To improve heat contact and thus heat transfer, the cable can be deformed, brazed or welded into its optimum position.

Easy fitting

  • Minimum bending radius: 3 x OD
  • Thermocoax heating cables can be attached directly to metal parts
  • The heat can be generated exactly where it is required, thus power losses are reduced, as is power consumption.
  • Excellent heat exchange: the heater can be brazed onto any metal piece

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METAL & GLASS foundries

THERMOCOAX designs and manufactures special heaters and temperature sensors for metal and glass industries. We offer a wide range of specific thermal solutions from immersion heaters to high-end calibrated thermocouples for heat treatment processes.

Immersion heaters

THERMOCOAX immersion heaters were designed to meet the specifications of the most demanding very high purity aluminium foundries.

Our R&D engineers designed this product to guarantee an exceptional level of homogeneity of heat distribution and an optimal level of electrical insulation safety.

Heating plates

Our large dimension conductive electrical heating plate technology is particularly suited to processes shaping aluminium parts. We offer complete systems with electrical regulation allowing us to guarantee long lifetimes for our heating solutions.

Heating plates and specific 3D ovens are also used during heat treatment processes and in the glass industry.

We also manufacture heating solutions for the magnesium and titanium industries.

Our class 1 thermocouple cables measure the temperature in heat treatment furnaces in real time. These values are the key parameters for demonstrating the quality and validity of the heating process.

We have our own calibration laboratory accredited by COFRAQ.

Thermocoax manufactures a wide range of thermocouples that are used for many applications in the metal and the glass industries.