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The THERMOCOAX IR welding solution is chosen by automotive suppliers because they need to weld without introducing polluting particles into the weld bead (due to PA66 35% GF), a process which could modify the properties of the material and possibly pollute the future content of the welded element (conformity to the Euro 6 standard).

The infrared sources can weld complex plastic shapes (2D & 3D) without contact and the weld bead offers a high bursting strength.

THERMOCOAX designs IR sources using Thermocoax’s mineral insulated cable technology. They can be easily implemented in a production line, and are accurate and reliable over time.

The infrared sources (heating elements at a temperature of 850°C) are placed a few millimetres from the 2 elements to be welded. When the welding zones reach their melting temperature, the IR source is removed. The two parts are then pressed against each other to complete the weld.

Advantages of the Thermocoax IR sources heating elements:

  • Ability to follow complex 2D & 3D forms
  • The Thermocoax IR sources’ emission wavelengths perfectly match the major plastic absorption wavelength range.
  • Welding materials acceptable: thermoplastics, polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, composite reinforced plastics, polyamides, etc.
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Fast temperature ramp-up
  • Electrically insulated, low current leakage
  • Low maintenance required
  • Long lifetimes on production line


THERMOCOAX is the expert technical partner for the leading filling machine manufacturers for aseptisation solutions. We have manufactured custom H2O2 vaporisers for aseptic filling machines for many years.

Our H2O2 electrical vaporisers are used in the “dry” sterilisation processes which calls for spraying the containers with a hydrogen peroxide mist both inside and out.

THERMOCOAX technology is exported worldwide and is a reference in the food industry.

With our mineral insulated cable technology, we can provide the most demanding heating solutions requested for high power density and high temperature.

We also offer electrical heating solutions for temperature maintenance processes.

For example, for chocolate factories, we can provide FDA-approved heated hoses and silicon heating mats.

We also design and manufacture heating solutions and sensors for food analysis.

For more information, please contact us. We will be more than happy to work with you on your projects